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Wool Pellet Mills in USA & Canada

Wool Pellet Mills

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What are wool pellets?

Wool Pellets are made from 100 % raw wool. Wool is sheared from sheep and alpaca shredded through our wool shredder then pelleted in our high density small pellet mill.

What are the advantages of pelleted wool?

  1. Wool pellets provide aeration
    As wool soaks in water, it puffs up and expands helping to increase oxygen levels in soils. The roots can better spread in properly aerated soil, reducing the need for other additives.
  2. Wool pellets hold water
    Wool Pellets are able to hold up to 20x their weight in water, they help to reduce watering frequency up to 25%. By holding water, they also wick away extra water, protecting plants roots from over watering.
  3. Wool pellets are a natural slow release fertilizer
    It has been reported that wool pellets are naturally high in Nitrogen and take months to break down fully. This makes wool pellets the perfect slow release, all natural fertilizer. Some reports have given wool pellets a Fertilizer Value of 9-1-2 NPK, plus they have Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sulfur, and other Micro Nutrients in just the right amounts. Wool pellets are all natural and renewable
  4. Wool Pellets are all-natural, and chemical free.
    Because it is the natural blend of nutrients that breaks down slowly, wool pellets will not burn your plants and lawn like other fertilizers can.
  5. Gardeners don’t need to introduce man-made components to aerate, hold water, keep away pests, or provide nutrients to your plants.
  6. Wool pellets repels slugs and snails.
    Wool Pellets, by nature, are a repellent to slugs, snails,and weeds. When placed around the base of plants and mixed into the soil.
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Our low-speed shredders has been specifically designed for a low speed sheering action; perfect for the cutting of fibrous materials such as wool.

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