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Designed by us, built by us.

Pellet mills available in: 7.5kw  15kw  22kw  33kw

See ELF Industrial for 75kw, 220kw and 315kw options

High quality design and engineering

7.5kw pellet mill

7.5kw (10 hp) pellet mill

Pelleting seed cleaning waste 7.5kw (10hp) mill and vibratory screener

(click video for full screen view)

15kw pellet mill

22kw pellet mill

33kw pellet mill

Hardwood pellet making on 22kw (30 HP)

Softwood pellet making on 22kw (30hp)

Straw pelleting on our 22kw (30 HP) unit

Making pellets for cow AMS* on our 7.5kw (10 HP) unit

*(Automatic milking stations)

Paper and cardboard pellets on our 22kw (30 Hp Unit)

Walk around of our fully stainless food grade pellet mill

Alfalfa Pelleting on our 22kw (30 Hp Unit)

Solid Waste to RDF pellets on our 22kw (30 Hp Unit)

BRIKK1 Briquette press

Typical briquettes from the BRIKK1 unit

Our 3.5kw (5 hp) hammer mill

We offer various types of conveyors to suit the operator’s needs

Rotary screener walkaround  – suitable for 15kw, 22kw & 33kw pellet mills

(click video for full screen view)

Trommel screen pellet cooler and screener for 7.5kw & 15kw pellet mills (10 – 20 hp)

Single Fan Rotary Screener for 7.5kw-15kw pellet mills

Quad Fan Rotary Screener for 22kw-33kw pellet mills

Vibratory screener with plexiglass top for 7.5kw (10 hp pellet mill)

Typical small wool shredder and 7.5kw (10 hp) pellet mill screener and conveyor

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