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Hops/Hemp/Flax Pellet Mills

Our flat die low temperature pelleting solutions allows for the best Lupulin/CBD/oil extraction. We have a full line of equipment from grinding to low temperature pelleting.

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Leaders in Low-Temperature Hops & Hemp Pellet Mills

In 2008, we were the first company worldwide, to develop low-temperature hops pelletizing by creating a specific die for low friction. With our first system being installed in California, since then we have sold hundreds of systems throughout the world, including the hops/hemp belt of USA and Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and Europe. We have had great success with premium brewers and government facilities who test and process hops.

Since our first system was developed, we have continued to develop machinery that produces premium low temperature pellets without the use of liquid nitrogen.

All of our hops systems from 7.5KW up to 15KW come with training, so you’re not left in the dark! Our low temp systems are designed from the ground up with heat sensitive crops in mind! Food grade stainless steel hoppers, easy clean grinders and sealed bearings in the rollers that prevents contamination of your crop. All our grinders and mills are designed with low temperature and easy cleaning and maintenance in mind.

The Main Advantages Of Our Pellet Press…

The main shaft is driven by a cylindrical helical gear reducer


We have specialist grinders and hammer mills available depending on the application, sizes vary from 7.5 kw to 30 kw units. Our specially designed hops/hemp screen grinds the material to the perfect size for pelleting without generating heat. The lupulin and oils are spread evenly throughout the feedstock for perfectly even pellets.

Collection Systems

The ground materials are stored in our pre feed stainless steel silo that has an out feed to the pellet line.

Low Temperature Die And Roller Housing

Our low temperature mills all come with low temp dies and rollers, this allows the dispersal of heat and keeps the essential oils intact. Stainless steel is used in the most sensitive areas.

Integrated Conveyors

We build to suit integrated conveyors and transporting systems for any type of bagging or storage feed application.

We can build systems with production rates starting at 100kg / hour. Our unique quality ring die mill is a very cost effective and efficient pellet mill and is priced well below other competitors.

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