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Learn about the ELF Silo

Our GB1300 Silo is made of the highest quality food grade stainless steel, it is designed for years of function and ease of use and cleaning.

Capable of holding up to 2.5 Cubic Meters of material it is ideal for those who want to run their pellet mills for extended periods of time, without the worry of blockages and down time in production.

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“The unique octagon shape of our silo is designed with ease of use, non clogging and easy cleaning in mind.”

Ideal for food grade material such as ground hops, or just for plain wood dust! All components within the GB1300 are washable, and the unit is easy to maintain and access through a man door.

Each silo comes on legs that have been galvanized for longevity, no flaky paint or rust to worry about!
Inside the silo you see view port windows and a gear driven high torque, low speed anti bridge mixing arm which prevents the material clogging so you always get the perfect amount of material to your pellet mill.

The system is designed to feed the small hopper on our HB range of pellet mills via an adjustable feed gate, and we can integrate auto feed sensors as well if you wish to walk away from the mill and let it be filled automatically. (Standard filling is manual).

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Industry leading 2 Year factory Warranty, Over 30 years experience, contact ELF Systems today.

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