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Making Wood Pellets

Our wood pellet mills may be small but they are industrial grade, and can make premium grade wood pellets from any type of wood source, often without the need of binders or additives. Our wood pellet lines are designed with high heat and torque in mind which leads to the highest quality pellet, with the lowest cost and down time.

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ELF Wood Pellet Mill Systems

Whether softwood or hardwood, particle board or MDF, both pellet mill systems focus on quality wood pellets produced at the lowest cost. We have turnkey systems that take small chips, shavings, or CNC dust collector waste and transform them into quality, dust-free wood pellets with high BTU-value, low ash, and low fines.

We have solutions from 100kg per hour and up. All our mills can come with the following in one package:

  • Hammer mills
  • Material Feeders
  • Cooling and screening
  • Pellet Mill
  • Semi automatic bagging systems

Common Questions Regarding Our Wood Pellet Mills…

Can Any Wood Make Pellets?

Yes! Our unique systems can pelletize any type of woody biomass with moisture as high as 15% Some hardwoods due to the lack of ligning may need an additive to help it flow through the system.

Do you offer drying solutions for wet or green wood?

We do not offer dryers at this time but can point you to professional companies who build them and work with us.

What About Bark? Is that an Issue for pelleting?

Bark does not cause issues with pelleting however a significant amount of bark can lead to higher ash in the burning process and can create more wear on the die and rollers.

Do we need to add binders?

In most cases no

Do your turnkey pellet mill systems include installation?

Yes! For an additional cost we can send technicians anywhere in the world. But our systems are designed to be simple and easy to set up with our over the phone and internet assistance.

Is your equipment made in China?

No, we build our systems in Europe and you are welcome to come tour our manufacturing facility.

Pellet Mill Machine
Precision engineering including a 2 year warranty.
Galvanized frame (no rust, ever!)
Unique & Innovative Patented Design
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Learn more about our brand-new innovative Pellet Mill. Make pellets out of a wide range of materials using our industrial-grade pellet making systems.

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