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Automatic Briquette Press

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briquette press for pellet mills

Small Briquette Press

2.2kw (3 hp) 3 Phase hydraulic press with Siemens high efficiency electric motor.

  • Hopper volume 0.6 m3 (21 cu ft)
  • Fill and leave auto shut off system CE/UL/CSA Certification
  • Stepped feed system for clog free operation
  • Briquettes are ideal for burning in any fireplace or stove gasifier etc
  • No binders necessary
  • Briquette heating value of 15 to 18 MJ/kg. (643 –770 BTU/lb)
  • Briquette diameter 6.2cm (2.45 inches)
  • Feed stock moisture range required 8 – 15%
  • Feed stock size 1.5cm (0.6 inches) and under
  • Low maintenance and operator requirements
large briquette press USA Canada

Large Briquette Press

BR 100 – 150 range of briquetting presses are manufactured to the highest standards. They are designed for medium to large plants with one-shift or multi-shift operation.

They feature a compact design, modern intuitive control system, reliable hydraulic press, which enables maximum compaction of material. For continuous operation, they are completed by an oil cooler as standard. Automatic regulation of the quality of briquettes and the dispensing auger allows for variable feed material input sizes. The minimum system incorporates a level sensor control to automatically start and stop of the machine, and so maximize the efficiency of the system.

General information:

  • Materials for pressing without binders
  • Materials for pressing should meet these conditions: moisture content from 8 to 15%, dimensions smaller than 15 mm and bulk density of at least 70 kg/m3
  • Sawdust, shavings and dust from all kinds of wood, straw, flax and hemp waste, waste from seed cleaners, shredded paper, paper dust, textile dust and short fibres, polyurethane, some types of composite plastics.

Briquette properties

The briquettes have a shape of a cylinder of diameter 65 mm, length 30 to 50 mm, heating value of 15 to 18 MJ/kg. They can be combusted in all types of stoves, boilers and incinerators for combustion of solid fuels. Their high heating value is better used in gasifying boilers. The volume of waste is decreased eight times by briquetting, and consequently waste transport and storage is cheaper.

Briquette Machine Videos

This is our smallest briquette press 2.4kw(3 hp). We go up to 100hp for larger applications. Contact us for your specific requirements.

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