Learn about the Vibratory Screener

Our unique screener is designed as an ‘add on’ to fit either the HB100 7.5kw or HB200 15kw pellet mill. It’s main function is to gently move the finished pellet across the stainless steel mesh screen which takes the small fines away from the pellets and cleans and cools the pellets as the move along. The fines are captured underneath the screener for later re-pelleting.

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“The vibrating screen perfectly moves the pellets along without causing damage to the pellet and does not create unnecessary dust in the air.”

Both styles of screener come with a clear ‘Hard-plex’ top so you can see your wonderful pellets being cleaned as you produce them.

All surface areas of the screener are made from food grade materials, and as with all our systems come with a 3 year factory warranty.

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Industry leading 2 Year factory Warranty, Over 24 years experience, contact ELF Systems today.

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